When It’s More Than Just a Hobby

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We may not all actively pursue them, but we do indeed all have a calling to at least dedicate some of our time to doing something which really puts us at ease, relaxes us or just makes us feel like everything else in life is okay. That’s what you should be pursuing as your hobby – something you have a strong desire to engage in just for the fun of it and something which you’d inevitably be willing to spend some money on.

How do you know when a hobby should perhaps not be classified as a hobby anymore?

The moment you start doing whatever it is you identified as a hobby on an official or unofficially competitive level, it should perhaps not be classed as a mere hobby anymore. Sure, you definitely can refer to what you occupy yourself with most diligently in your life with as both a hobby and specialist craft, but if you’re going to be entering some sort of competition or compete in any way, it should definitely be referred to more as a specialist craft than a hobby. This also applies if you’re going to be making money out of it in some or other way, as the money will at some point become the major driving force behind your engagement of your special interest, no matter how much you really love doing it. All the better that you do indeed enjoy it though because that’s just the best way through which anybody can earn their living or make a bit of extra cash on the side.

When it is indeed more than just a hobby, you tend to pour a little more money into its perusal and in the end you expect some sort of return out of it. A cycling enthusiast who is understandably fascinated with the Cannondale Road Bikes range for instance might do well to pursue their hobby and special interest in a manner that doesn’t just cause the cash to flow in one direction, out. I mean you might want to try out each bike in the range and that would cost you a bit if you simply went about it by buying each and every one of the bikes in the range.

A savvier way to achieve this however would perhaps be if you decided you’re going to open up a cycling club or even a bicycle repair shop, perhaps charging a monthly fee for members to join and effectively borrow one bike out of the collection for use for a limited time. That way you have the funding to purchase as many bikes in the range as the membership fees collected allows and you then get to enjoy trying each of the bikes out in the range for yourself as well. While you’re at it, how about starting a blog about your special interest/hobby? We all have that one thing we have an endless stream of topics on, simply because we just love discussing it so much or even better, getting down and dirty and doing it!