Traveller’s Guide to Entertainment in London

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Who says you can’t fully enjoy your travel in London without thousands of euros? While it’s true that food, lodging, and entertainment in the city is more expensive than other cities, it is possible to completely enjoy a week or month’s stay there without emptying your pocket.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a good London trip on its top entertainment centres while on a budget, here are places that you could visit.

  1. Theatre

A trip to London will not be complete without visiting one of the theatres in the city. Large West End theatre tickets usually range from £20 to £100. However, they sometimes offer cheaper tickets especially during the day of the show. To buy one, you need to keep a watchful eye on their release prices and buy the tickets personally. If you don’t want to go to all these troubles, you can compare tickets for theatre shows online and look for the cheapest offer.

The National Theatre usually offers standing tickets at £6 once the seated tickets are sold out. There are a lot of Off-West End theatres that releases shows at a lower price, too.

  1. Cinema

There are movies shown in London cinemas that might not be released in your country. If you’re interested to see those films, you might be interested to know that there are many small cinemas like Rio Cinema, Mile End Genesis, Prince Charles, and Notting Hill Coronet that features films for a fee under £10. You can also enjoy matinee tickets for a lesser price during non-peak screenings.

  1. Art Gallery

The best thing about art galleries is that most of them are free. Prominent ones like the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Hayward Gallery, and Somerset House may charge for their exhibitions and events, but smaller houses let you enjoy refined art without paying.

You can visit the Estorick Collection in Highbury for £5, too. There, you can find futurist and surreal arts by artists like Amedeo Modigliani, Umberto Boccioni, and Giorgio de Chirico. You can also try visiting Dulwich Picture Library in South London for £6. It houses a wide collection of art by the European Old Masters.

  1. Museum

Museums do not usually entertain everyone, but it’s certainly a good place to learn, enjoy, and appreciate just about any form of art and artefact. In London, you can easily find a museum that best suits your interest. For instance, if you’re a medical student on a trip, you can visit the Old Operating Theatre Museum for only £6.20 or the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum for £4. If you’re into music, then you can enjoy Kew’s Musical Museum, which is full of musical instruments from the past until the digital age. A reader and literature lover will fully satisfy their craving with The Sherlock Holmes Museum for £8 or Dicken’s House for £8.


Travel does not need to be always expensive. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy yourself in London without spending a lot of money; you just have to learn where to go and when to go there. In order to save more, you might want to book a ticket on your chosen theatre, museum, or art gallery.