How to Travel With A Baby in 2016

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Travel has the ability to be super fun when you’re going on a trip with your girlfriends, your family, a spouse, a loved one, and a host of other people. As soon as you add a baby into mix, things can have the tendency to get a little stressful. Even if you’re a veteran at traveling with infants, you still never know how your kid is going to react to the elements this time around. A crabby baby not only makes your life horrible when you’re on the road or in the air, it makes everybody who is around loathe you all that much more.

Whenever you walk onto a plane and people see that you have a baby, they might either give you look that would make anybody feel their wrath, or if they’re good enough at hiding their annoyance, you know that they’re sitting there thinking all the same things in their minds.

If you’re planning on traveling in 2016, here are trips for how to travel with a baby:

Bring A Backpack As A Diaper Bag

The diaper bag you currently have might work well when you’re home and only making runs to and from the grocery store, but when you’re traveling, there’s a lot more going on. To make things easier for yourself, consider using a backpack as your diaper bag. You’re going to want to have both hands free and you’re going to want to not have something slung over your hip in crowded airports and narrow airplane aisles.

A backpack is the best option for all the problems that could be presented to you. Keep in mind, you’ll want have to avoid bringing things that TSA won’t allow through security. Talcum powder causes a lot of problems, and make sure that any creams you have are within the ounce limit allotted by the airlines.

Consider Using A Natural Calming Substance

Of course this post is in no way saying that it is a good idea to drug your baby while you’re traveling to make sure that they keep still and quiet for the duration of the trip. However, there are natural calming substances that you can choose to give to your infant at an opportune time to make sure that they’re relaxed or asleep during the time that you’re up in the air and around other passengers.

Once option is if you’re breastfeeding you can try to time your flight so that it falls right into feeding time for your child. If it takes 30 minutes to feed, you could do it with the protection of a covering on the plane and that way, your child is occupied during that time, but they’re also taking their milk drunk nap while you’re in flight as well. If you’re not breastfeeding and you know your child is bound to be wired, here are some other natural options.