See Miami in style: hire a limousine

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Heading off to Miami to see the sights is the stuff dreams are made of; the chance to see the amazing coast line, wonder at the fantastic architecture and live the life of a celebrity soaking up the sun.

The only way to achieve this dream is to plan an itinerary and to look at how you’ll travel between each destination. A surprisingly budget-friendly way is to hire a limousine. You won’t need to queue for a taxi, battle the public transport system in the rush hour or try to navigate a city you don’t know in a hire car. Talk to a professional company, this limo service Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach wide will happily give you the chance to relax as you see all these amazing places.

Miami Beach

miami-beach (1)The Miami Beach area is connected to Miami via a set of bridges. It’s known for colourful Art Deco buildings and long stretches of white sand. Ocean Drive is the place to ask your chauffeur to take you to where you’ll see all the places made famous in films and TV shows and then head to Collins Avenue which is where you’ll be able to join the cool and trendy residents of the area in upmarket bars and restaurants.

South Beach

This is the most famous and popular stretch of beach in Miami. It’s where visitors and locals alike gather to take in the sun and watch the waves of the ocean. Visit in the winter and you’ll have a scenic waterfront area to stroll through as you feel the sand between your toes.

Bayside Marketplace; 401 Biscayne Boulevard

Situated alongside the waterfront, Bayside Marketplace is a famous mall-style venue with over 150 shops to visit. There are some chain stores but many are independent boutique locations and are really popular with those who want different and unique products to buy. It’s the perfect place to find gifts to take home, lots of room in your limousine to stack your goodies and there are many tour boats which depart from here if you want to experience Miami from the sea.

Little Havana and Colle Ocho

little-havana-calle-ochoThe Cuban district of Miami is known for its Latin flavour, culture and music drifting through the air both day and night. There’s lots of tourist attractions, murals on the walls depicting Cuban history, popular socialising outdoor spaces and wonderful Cuban restaurants.

Zoo Miami; 1 Zoo Blvd, 12400 SW 152nd Street 

There are over 2000 animals in a cageless environment living at Zoo Miami. Visitors are given the opportunity to feel as if they are on safari with open air exhibits offering safe, yet close range sightings of endangered species. It’s the only zoo in America in a subtropical climate so there’s the chance to see some unusual birds, reptiles and animals as well as a stunning orchid collection.

Everglades National Park

Hire a limousine for a day and just a short ride away from Miami is the enormous Everglades National Park.

The swamp lands of the park cover over 1.5 million acres and are the natural home of crocodiles, snakes, hundreds of bird species and many alligators. The whole environment is a river which flows into the ocean and the best way to experience the Everglades is to take a tour on an airboat. There are also walking trails where you can see these ancient creatures from a safe distance and the terrain is accessible for all and non-strenuous.