How to Remove Unwanted Object From Your Vacation Photos

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It is hard to take a perfect photo and most people end up taking a vacation photo with some objects that they did not plan to be in the photo. Removing unwanted object from your vacation photo is no longer a difficult task as modern photo editor software like Movavi Photo Editor allows you to make all the unwanted objects for example power lines, date stamp or text disappear in the photo by simply marking the unwanted object and clicking the erase button. You no longer have to rely on the clone stamp tool which will take hours for you to erase away the unwanted object.

It is easy to learn how to remove text from a picture. The first step is to load the photo from the camera roll folder onto the photo editor software. To do this, you have to click on the Add Media Files button and navigate to the appropriate folder to open the photo files. If you look to the right side, you will see a button called object removal. You are to select this tab and click on the brush button. After clicking on the brush button, you must mark the unwanted object in red and click the eraser button to erase it. It can erase multiple items in the photo at once so you can mark more than one unwanted objects.

If you happen to make a mistake by marking the wrong object, you can click the undo button to revert the changes. After the unwanted object is being erased, you can save the photo by clicking on the Export button. The area where the object is being erased will be regenerated based on the surrounding pattern so that the photo look natural as if it has not been retouched in any way. If you feel that the area is not professionally regenerated, you can select the clone stamp button and rectify the area yourself. The photo now look perfect and you can put in the picture frame to let everyone see.

Besides erasing a particular object in the photo, you can also extract an object in the photo and save it as a photo with transparent background in GIF format. For example, if the photo features an office with a mac book laptop on the table and you need the Macbook laptop as clipart, you can extract it with the background removal tool. The background removal tool can also be found on the right bar.

Under the background removal tab, there are two types of brushes including red and green. You must select the red brush tool to highlight the unwanted object and choose the green brush tool to highlight the object that you want to extract from the photo. Finally, you must click on the erase button so that only the object that you need is retained in the photo.

If you don’t like the background in the photo, you can remove it by using the red brush tool to mark it and click the erase button. You will be able to use your own photo from the computer to replace the old background.