Not any Old Bag

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In all the years that people have been travelling suitcases have stayed pretty much the same. Okay not really, they have developed wheels and extendable handles and they are rightly made of tougher material than we had many years ago. The concept of travel and the ability to travel now sees millions and millions of people taking a trip somewhere at any time. If you stand at the luggage carousel at an airport, you don’t see a lot of innovative suitcases doing the circuit. Most people, including me, think that the suitcase is simply to hold all your clothes, a few necessary items you will need on the trip, and be reasonably secure.

There’s a lot of smart people out there and just lately I’ve seen some amazing technological developments in the manufacture of suitcases. If you Google luggage and suitcase you will be surprised at some of the fantastic inventions that will eventually change our luggage forever. I mean, what do we need from a suitcase? These new inventions come with chargers for your phone and iPad, with GPS so that you can keep track of it, there’s even a motorised version that you can ride on, and another one that inflates to 3 times its normal size and compresses back so that it can be used as carry-on luggage.

Couple these inventions with the new policy that airlines have adopted by offering cheaper airfares if all you have is carry on luggage. There is no doubting the investment is a little more expensive if you buy these wonderful pieces of luggage. But if you travel as much as I do and you value the security of your belongings, and you would also appreciate the ability to be able to use your suitcase to charge your devices, then the extra cost is hardly a consideration.

I for one travel relatively lightly, a pair of trousers, and shorts if the weather is hot where I’m going, formal long sleeved shirt if it’s a business trip, always a couple of T-shirts because what’s life without a T-shirt, a pair of shoes and perhaps a jumper. If I am taking a short, 10 day holiday to Southeast Asia, I’m more inclined to buy clothes when I get there because they are so cheap. In that way, I can get away with just using a backpack to carry my toiletries and my underwear.

You hear so many stories about people arriving at an airport and going through customs who find illegal substances in your bag and you didn’t put them there. It’s a welcome sight to see the new designs of luggage having far better security than the old zippered suitcase. The problem I have is that my current bag will probably last me another five years of travel. Do I dump it and exchange it for one of the new styles of bag, or do I just wait until this one falls apart?