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North Wales Coast Path – Things to See

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It’s perhaps not officially known as the coast path of North Wales, but I suppose this visitors’ route through North Wales is exactly what it says on the tin – a path through the iconic region which runs along the coast, or as close to the coast as any path can get.

Here are some must-see stops along the coast path, even if only just to sit in silence and enjoy what the gift of sight has in store for you:

South Stack Cliffs Reserve

If you can look past the fact that some adders call this place home (and if you exercise the requisite vigilance), South Stack Cliffs Reserve makes for the ultimate in birdwatchers’ paradise. You might catch sight of some porpoises along with the adders, but that’ll be during the summer months of the year, a time during which the reserve is in full colour. The cliff leads to Ellin’s Tower, but otherwise, in winter you can spot some starlings waging war on the peregrines, so too some ravens and choughs.

Basically, this is a nature lover’s dream!

Princely Castle

If you want to enjoy what is perhaps the best view of the sea within a 10km radius in North Wales, make it a point to scale Princely Castle. A view of the landmark itself is a sight to behold, but explore its gatehouse with its two towers and you will almost be able to feel the history radiating off of the walls.


If you’ve ever been to Italy or you’ve perhaps caught sight of what the mainland European country typically and traditionally looks like, you might think that by some magic portal you’ve perhaps wandered a bit too far, lost your sense of direction and landed up in Italy. Portmeirion was intentionally designed to resemble somewhat of a typical corner of Italy, with Sir Clough Williams-Ellis having built it in honour of the spirit of the Mediterranean.

Seriously, you could take some pictures of the elaborate maze of villas and anyone who is not familiar with this place will totally believe you’ve just been to Italy. There are many secrets waiting to be uncovered, so you’ll have to spend a good couple of hours at the very least to get a full taste of what Portmeirion has to offer.

Minera’s Ancient Mines

The double-layered history of this ancient mine is beautifully preserved thanks to the fact that mining activity ceased as far back as 1914, otherwise the prehistoric lead mining which took place has evidence to back this activity up and date it all the way back to the 13th century. It was only 600 years later though that Minera transformed into the hub of production, otherwise today it’s merely a rustically beautiful and history-filled entry point into some trails which lead into the woods and stretch across the rivers.

The Welsh Mountain Zoo houses some lemurs which you can catch sight of as well, otherwise, you can also discover the intriguing history of the Strait in the Menai Strait as part of the Menai Heritage Experience.

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