How to make the most of your weekend camping trip

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Summer is the perfect time to plan a camping trip and whether you’re planning to go away with family or with friends, here are some things to keep in mind so that you can really make the most out of your weekend. 

Pack wisely

Of course, a weekend in the wilderness isn’t going to require a full wardrobe, but there are some things that you won’t want to forget. After all, it’s likely that you won’t be able to grab the essentials at a nearby store. First, consider the comfort of your tent. You’re going to need the essentials like a sleeping bag and sleeping mat, but you might want to go for a little more luxury and pack a pillow and even a camp bed. When it comes to clothing – the less you take, the better but make sure to have items that will cover every eventuality. It’s important to pack suitable footwear and a waterproof jacket.  

Have a backup plan

With camping comes exposure to the outdoors and what does the outdoors bring? Weather. You’ll be hoping for sunny skies during your trip, but if the weather is bad, you’ll want to have a backup plan. Take a look at what’s around the campsite in the case of rain because it’s no fun being trapped in your tent all day. A clever trick to determine the weather is to keep a large pine cone near your tent. An open cone will indicate dry weather whereas if it closes; it’s probably going to rain. 

Do some camp side cooking

Food that’s been cooked around the campfire always seems to taste better than normal, don’t you think? You’re not going to be able to whip up a Michelin Star worthy meal on a campsite, but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook something that tastes great. Keep it simple and wrap some root vegetables in foil to cook in the embers of the fire. Or, wrap thick slices of meat in cabbage leaves and roast them. Cabbage leaves don’t burn, and they will keep the meat moist. 

Learn something new

Think of your camping trip as an adventure. You’ll be surrounded by animals and plants that you might not otherwise encounter on a daily basis so why not spend some time getting to know more about them. Or, you could pick up some survival skills such as how to make a fire, how to find clean water or how to navigate without the use of Google maps! Ditch your phone and your laptop and instead become truly at one with your surroundings. There are huge benefits of spending time outdoors, both physically and mentally, and if you make the most of the time you have camping, the better you’re going to feel in the long-run. Trust us.

Choose the right tent

Choosing the right tent can make or break the perfect camping trip. you don’t want it to be too big in case the excess air and space makes you too cold, but too small and everyone will be fighting for room. You’ll need plenty of protection from the elements too, so make sure you choose a material that is suited for the time of year you are travelling and the environment in which you will be setting up shop. A four person tent is the ideal size for keeping warm and having sufficient room. If more people are in your camping group, use more four man tents.

Keep it relaxed

Your weekend camping trip is a mini holiday, and in that case, you’ll want to keep it as relaxed as possible. Nowadays, there are plenty of gadgets out there that make camping a lot less hassle such as drinks coolers, pocket blankets, portable washing machines and even pop up tents. Interested? For the best pop up canopy, tents visit Canopy Tent Reviews. Remember that when it comes to any camping trip, the main thing is to have fun.