How to make the most of your evenings when you’re travelling with a young family

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With more Brits than ever holidaying on abroad, 12 million in 2016 to be precise, what better time to take your little ones away than this summer.  Taking your children on holiday is always exciting, but at times it can be stressful.  Follow our tips to help make your evenings on holiday with your little ones go as smoothly as possible and to ensure you have a holiday to remember.

Find the right babysitter

Holidays are all about relaxing and enjoying some downtime so finding the right babysitter is essential.  You deserve to spend some quality time with your partner and finding a good babysitter will allow you to go out for a meal or two together.  Some hotels will not only offer a kids club but will also provide a babysitting service.  You will have the chance to meet your chosen sitter and introduce them to your children before you need them, allowing them to get to know each other while you are there.

Bring your parents or another family

Some young families choose to go on holiday with their parents or with another family that has children of similar ages.  This way you can all share the baby sitting duties, and you can have the break you deserve and go out on a couple of evenings knowing your children are in safe hands.  This is a good option for parents who might be uncomfortable leaving children with a babysitter they are unfamiliar with.

Find family friendly restaurants

If your children are slightly older, you will want to keep them entertained when you go out for a meal.  Try to find a restaurant that isn’t too far away, so children don’t have to walk too far and book ahead to ensure you get a table.  You could let children have an extra nap before you go out to make sure they aren’t over tired and will enjoy their food.  Try to find a restaurant with a play area or bring some entertainment with you, cards, games or paper for drawing.

Utilise the hotel restaurant

Alternatively, you could go all inclusive and make the most of the hotel restaurant.  This saves you walking around with tired children trying to find a restaurant.  It also means you can still enjoy a nice meal, knowing your room is in the same building so you can take tired children straight to bed after eating.  If you are at a family friendly hotel, there will also be other families eating early, whereas if you go out to a restaurant early, it could feel a little deserted.

Opt for separate rooms

If you are travelling with really small children who need to sleep early, it might be a good idea to pay a bit more for separate rooms, rather than using a sofa or camp bed.  This means you won’t be tiptoeing around the room once the children are asleep and ultimately everyone will sleep better.  This way you and your partner can enjoy the evening in the room or on your balcony without having to whisper in case you wake sleeping children.

To make your trip memorable for all the right reasons, start by choosing a hotel on Travezi that meets all your needs.  Enjoy your holiday!