Is Your Home Safe While You’re on Vacation

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So holiday season is coming right up and you’re perhaps finalising some of your travel arrangements for your next vacation. It’s always nice to be able to get away from it all, to be able to get away from the stress at work and some of those elements of your life which make you just want to book a ticket and go away. As comfortable as the sanctuary you call your home is, it’s nice to be able to get away from that familiarity as well. Coming back from even the most luxurious of vacations only makes you appreciate your home that much more, hence the saying “there’s no place like home”.

How safe is your home while you’re out on vacation though and what can you do to make it safer? Burglars are definitely getting savvier, even though the UK home burglary numbers are on the decline, coming down a full 71% since 1995 and 31% since 2005 through 2006. One of the ways through which burglars are indeed getting savvier is in the way they do their reconnaissance. You’d swear they surely have the smarts to make something better of themselves instead of investing their time and efforts into burglarising people’s homes, but yes, you best believe somebody knows when you’ll be home and when you’ll be away.

It’s not so much that there’s some logbook kept by burglars of your exact movements, but rather just how potential burglars scope the houses they may be targeting for signs of life. Granted, they sometimes do get really brave and perhaps come armed and ready for a confrontation, but generally burglars would like their ‘jobs’ to be as easy as possible. This means that if it appears as if somebody’s home, chances are indeed that the burglar will move on and look for an easier target to hit.

So obviously when you’re away on holiday those signs of life in your home aren’t there because there isn’t any life, but that’s where you have to start in terms of taking care of your home security while you’re away vacation. So the preparation starts long before you leave for your vacation and it is indeed a bit of psychological warfare.

An illumination timing system is a great starting point to winning this psychological battle with a would-be intruder looking to burgle your house while there’s nobody home and it works by simply timing the lights to go on at a time you’d switch them on if you were home. So it must not look suspiciously dark when there’s no one home to switch on the lights.

You can then add motion sensing lights to simulate what someone would naturally do if they were inside the house and perhaps noticed a figure outside. This is just some more ammunition for the psychological warfare.

A live CCTV surveillance system which is linked to an alarm and perhaps even response unit could go a long way to consolidate on your home safety while you’re away, but all of this is immaterial if you’ve not taken care of the basics, like making sure your doors and windows are locked with good, solid locks and other ironmongery sourced from a quality supplier.