Going on a vacation with your vape pen – Things you need to know

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So, you’re someone who is all set to travel to your best destination and you’ve begun to pack all your belongings for the dream journey. Have you planned a cross-country road trip? If answered yes, you must be having a long flight coming up through which you’re planning to visit your family which is settled out of the country. But what about your vaping and cigarette set-up? Did you ever travel before with your vape kit? Click here to know more on the most portable vape kits that you can take for your vacation.  

Be aware of the local vaping laws

You have to be careful and alert about the recent vaping laws in the destination that you’re about to go? Before you reach that destination, make sure you’re acquainted with the latest details on the vape laws so that you don’t have to face anything expected. Rules are always changing and in spite of spending few days checking all facts, any of such laws will be liable to get altered within a moment’s notice. However, you need to know that the government websites won’t be updated this regularly. Beware of believing in wrong information.

Hence, if you’re pretty lucky enough to head somewhere during the summer, you can check either with your travel agent or with the Foreign Office. You may have to pay for checking the local laws as well.

Flying with vape pens – What do the airports have to say?

There are several airports which allow a person to vape inside. It is tough to offer you with the most updated list but you can always check Google to know the names of the airports which allow vaping and which don’t allow you to pass through the gate with a vape pen. It is sad enough to note that most airports will push you towards the designated areas for smoking which is totally unhealthy. Do keep double-checking and triple-checking before arriving on an airport so that you’re not harassed for carrying a vape pen.

Devices like mobile phones, e-cigarettes are all run on lithium batteries, either the rechargeable ones or the non-rechargeable ones. The rechargeable batteries are allowed on planes as long as the Watt hour rate is between 100 to 160 Wh. If you aren’t sure about the rating, check on the battery or the device or the website of the manufacturer.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can carry your vape pen along with you to the airport for your vacation, keep in mind the above mentioned facts.