Frozen in Utah: The Magic of the Midway Ice Castle

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People come to Utah for sport, food, drinks, and to spend quality time with family.  You could easily travel to Midway and find things to do at random but it’s better to have a plan to make the most of time.  Those who come with kids or just want to see something special, head to Midway Ice Castle.

Where are the locations?

The team will return to Midway, Utah in addition to Eden Prairie, Minnesota and Lincoln, New Hampshire.  For something new, the team will be headed north to Edmonton and Alberta, Canada.

Are there limitations as to who can access Ice Castles?

Unfortunately, Ice Castle is not created to meet handicap accessibility standards.  The ground is made of crushed ice and snow, which makes the surface bumpy and a bit slippery.  Wheelchairs are allowed to go through, but the crew urges those who are handicapped to use their best judgement regarding whether to enter or to adjust level of assistance.

Parents may use sleds to pull children through, though not allowed to ‘run’ with the sled.

How do I get there?

The Ice Castle in Midway, Utah is located at 2002 Soldier Hollow Road.  It’s open Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 9pm, Friday from 3 to 11pm, and Saturday from noon to 11pm.  It’s located just a short distance from Park City condo rentals.

What are the castles composed of?

The entire Ice Castle is made of ice.  That means all walking paths, towers, and intricacies are solid ice.  However, the crew runs a high speed tiller and hand-pick the walking paths so it is safe for those who use caution.  The walking surface can change daily due to weather conditions, snowfall, and temperatures.  Walking paths can be uneven, a bit slippery, and bumpier than a sidewalk or normal ‘walking’ path.

What kind of clothing or gear is appropriate?

Obviously, you’ll want to dress for winter conditions.  Wear durable shoes or boots with flat soles.  Cowboy boots, shoes with high heels, or casual/dressy shoes are not appropriate.  Since the ice can melt, you’ll want to wear waterproof or resistant shoes.  You can use ski poles but most people don’t have difficulty making their way through without them.

Do icicles pose a threat?

Unlike those attached to homes, icicles, do not fall in the Ice Castle.  Regarding those attached to homes, the connection point of icicles usually melt first and cause them to fall.  The base of icicles melt faster than the dangling part, which causes them to fall.

However, icicles at the Castle are attached to ice, which means there are no weak points.  Also, connection points of icicles at the Castle are proportional to the icicle, meaning the base is the strongest since it is the largest in diameter and mass.  On sunny days, icicles at the Castle will melt from the bottom and shrink upwards.  The smallest parts of the icicles will drip and then turn to slush.

Why is the Ice Castle blue in color?

Ice has the same properties as water.  The ice absorbs all colors of the spectrum and emit blue colors.  The thicker the ice is, the deeper the shade of blue.

Grace Walton has always loved to travel. Currently exploring Utah she shares her touristy tips on travel, family and lifestyle blogs.