For Some Dual-Nationals, Visa-Free Travel No Longer Possible In The US

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When it comes to traveling, things are about to get a bit harder for some dual-nationals. The United States has agreements with a plethora of countries to allow Visa-free travel. The majority of the countries that have Visa-free travel agreements with the United States are in Europe. But several other countries also had agreements with the US that streamlined the travel process for dual citizens. It seems like that time has come to an end. The United States is set on making travel rules stricter after several terror attacks, and dual-nationals from several countries, such as Iraq and Iran, will have to provide more documentation when traveling to and from the United States.

New Anti-Terrorism Measures Eliminate Some Visa-Free Travel

Terror attacks in California and in Paris, France have put the western world on edge. In response, the United States has decided to require more documentation for travelers with dual-nationality from certain countries. These new measures will require Visas and additional information in order to make sure that terrorists and terrorist sympathizers are not able to gain access to the United States.

Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria Affected

Currently, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, and Syria are affected. But more countries are expected to be evaluated by the United States, potentially leading to other nations losing Visa-free travel status for their dual-nationals.

The Future of US Travel

Many credit card processors, such as, provide Travel Agency Merchant Accounts. The future of travel agencies and other travel related firms rests on ease of travel in between nations. When the United States makes it more difficult to travel, that means that these companies lose money. Travel agencies would like to the US relax their travel restrictions, but the US is working to protect the country and its citizens from potential terror attacks. In the future, the US is probably more likely to continue to restrict travel then to ease up and make the process easier. Look for more restrictions on travel in and out of the US as the country prepares to keep itself protected in an increasingly dangerous world.