Hello and welcome!  On this page you’ll find all the info you need about submmiting a guest post to

The rules for posting here aren’t that complicated though, so don’t stress if you are new to this game!  Be interesting! Be Unique! We want engage our blog readers!

Some Guidelines:

  • Original Content is a MUST! No spun articles, nothing copied – I will know!
  • Guest Posts to be at least 500-1,000 words long
  • Article headline should reflect contents of post
  • Interesting, easy to understand writing style is preferred, engage our readers!
  • Pictures are great, and videos are a bonus, but not essential
  • You can include two in your article, one in the body of your article, one in the footer.

If you’re happy to stick to this, then we’ll more than likely post your article! Enjoy yourself, it’ll come out in your writing!

How to become a guest writer

To get started it’s best that we strike up a dialogue by email… I’m available using the contact form below


If you prefer you can submit the whole post straight away, but it rarely goes on without some editing first so better to get in touch first!

Thanks, Ben