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Do you have a question for me? Do you have a query about where to go on your travels? Do you want to know anything about travel? Then I am here to answer your questions about travel or places around the world that you want to.

Feedback is always what I want from my readers. It is good for us bloggers as we can pick up what we can do for our site and make it better! So, if there are any things you want to tell me or any suggestions that you think would benefit my site, then do let me know!

We do give out guest post opportunities. Guest posting is always essential for new bloggers and for those that are seeking to get better! On that note, I do have some guidelines that I would like you to follow in order to have a guest post on my site:

  • Guest posts that are sent in to Ben Carlson will have to be 500 words or more
  • All guest posts should be 100% true as I will be checking for copied content
  • Guest posts submitted should be true facts and your own opinions
  • Content should be relevant to Ben Carlson so anything to do with travel or places around the world.

If you do experience any technical difficulties with my site then please pop me a message as I can sort it out as soon as possible. My aim is for my blog to work as efficiently as it can be.

If you have any other questions for me, I can try my best to answer each one with the best answer I can.

Look forward to hearing from you!

Ben 🙂

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