Why you should consider traveling off the beaten track

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Are you sick of heading to the same holiday destinations every year? Do you get bored of sitting around a pool or visiting the beach? Do you long for a bit more adventure from your holidays?

Well, if these are questions you can say ‘yes’ to, then you need to be considering adding a little more exploration to your breaks.

Heading to a further afield airport could help you find a cheaper flight, and if you combine this with a night in one of the airport hotels, then you are more able to take advantage of differing airfares. This is an idea that doesn’t cost the earth, and I do it regularly, booking my hotel through AirportHotels.co.uk, where I always find a great deal. I recently booked one of the hotels near Manchester Airport for a true bargain, so it certainly can be done!

I’m not suggesting you go trekking the Andes, although if that’s something that appeals to you then go for it! What I’m suggesting is that you explore your destinations a little more, truly immerse yourself in the culture and traditions, and head away from the tourist streets once in awhile.

Off the beaten track travel doesn’t have to be extreme, it can be done in conjunction with a normal holiday experience, with a few days out if you choose.

You don’t necessarily have to worry about money being a problem either, because if you can save cash here and there in the planning stages, you will have more free to spend whilst you’re away. Heading away from the tourist streets could actually save you money too, as you will always find inflated prices here.

Ways to explore your destination in a more authentic way are wide-reaching, and it’s really about what you’re comfortable with. Maybe a few excursions into local villages could show you the real way of life, or maybe you could jump on a public transport bus and head into a nearby city for a day wandering around on your own steam. You don’t need to be volunteering in Africa or backpacking around Asia to say you’re experiencing travel in its most authentic way; there really is no true definition, and it’s a very personal thing.

So, the next time you book a holiday to a regular tourist hot-spot, do a little research into what is around your destination, you might find a few spots to explore away from the usual tourist fare.