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17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

I remember when I started planning my first trip. I had no idea what I was doing. When I decided to quit my job and travel the world, I walked into a bookstore and bought Lonely Planet’s Southeast Asia on Shoestring. It made the trip seem more real, but it didn’t prepare me for planning a long world trip. Back then, there weren’t really blogs, guides, and apps like there are today. I was lost. I figured it out as I went, just hoping I didn’t miss anything. Continue reading 17 Easy Steps for Planning Your Next Trip

4 Top Tips on Having a Smoother Trip When Travelling

There’s no denying how fun and enjoyable it can be to travel. Not only will you get to see sights that you may have never seen before, but you’ll also get to learn about other cultures and try out new cuisines too. It’s an effective way to unwind and be momentarily free of all the responsibilities that daily life often entails. However, travelling can also be fraught with plenty of decisions that can affect both the experience and as well as your expenditure. To this end, here are a few top tips that should help you have a smoother trip when travelling. Continue reading 4 Top Tips on Having a Smoother Trip When Travelling

Wrap Your Head Around Financial Risk Management Before Traveling

For the smart traveler, finances are going to be in the central core of the decision making process regarding who, what, when, where, how, and why. Yes, the full gamut, and each of those pieces is going to discreetly interact with money and the risks of spending. Continue reading Wrap Your Head Around Financial Risk Management Before Traveling

Balancing The Risks On Your Next Adventure

Adventure by definition is an exciting or very unusual experience. We as humans, tend to look at the positive side of that word adventure. Maybe it is our sense of self-preservation that keeps our sense of adventure in line and on the safer side of things. By its very nature, though, the adventure has to entail some risk, or where would the excitement exist. The risk component has to involve a psychological or physical exposure to some danger, or there is no risk.  Psychological risk involves emotional, social, moral or functional risk. In an adventure situation, the perceived threat provides the adventure. Physical risk can include two primary stages, known physical risk, and unknown physical risk. Continue reading Balancing The Risks On Your Next Adventure

Don’t Miss the Year’s Top M Shed Exhibitions in Bristol

Bristol is one of the UK’s most important cultural centres, and M Shed ranks among the city’s greatest attractions. Detailing the history of the city and the people who have made it their home, the museum complements its fantastic permanent collection with several exhibitions throughout the year.

Here are just a few of the exhibitions you can check out during 2019.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Running through to the end of March, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is perfect for animal lovers and families with younger children. It brings together 100 stunning images portraying everything from intimate animal encounters to dramatic landscapes. You’ll see endangered animals in their natural habitats and breathtakingly rare snaps of some of the world’s most bizarre species. The competition itself was first launched in 1965 and aims to celebrate biodiversity while promoting conservation; for the current collection, it received nearly 50,000 entries from 96 countries.

Tattoo: British Tattoo Art Revealed

If you’re looking for something a little more modern and avant-garde, try M Shed’s upcoming Tattoo exhibition. Running from March 16th through to June 16th, this exhibition will take an eye-opening look at the history of British tattooing. Showcasing work from major tattoo artists, it also features talks from leading academics on the myths and pre-conceptions surrounding tattooing. Unseen private archives will uncover hidden histories, including the history of Britain’s pioneering female tattoo artist, Jessie Knight.

On Set with Aardman: Making Early Man

Set to run from July 6th through to September 29th, Making Early Man will showcase the incredible creative skills of the Bristol-based team behind the latest Aardman stop-motion movie, which starred Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston, Maisie Williams, and Timothy Spall. Visitors can check out how drawings were translated to extraordinarily crafted sets using the latest VR technology.