What can $100 buy you in these 5 Spanish Cities?

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Spain is a great country to visit, and it has a lot of character of history.  There are many tourists who visit Spain and they keep coming because they want to experience the culture and vibrancy in every Spanish city.

Spain is also one of the most affordable countries to travel to in Europe.  Setting aside a budget of $100 for each Spanish city is sufficient enough for any traveller. However, one travel expense not to be compromised is a travel insurance policy that can save you tens or even thousands times more than it costs should anything go wrong.

You will be surprised at how far $100 dollars can go in these five vibrant Spanish cities worth visiting:

  1. Barcelona

If you are travelling to Spain, the city of Barcelona is always part of the itinerary.  Barcelona is one of the most expensive cities in the country, and the tourist trade maximizes that by charging visitors extra.  However, you can enjoy Barcelona with $100 by staying in a dorm hostel for three nights, at $10 a night.  Most attractions offer free entrance fees on the first weekend of the month, but if the date does not match, just visit the iconic Sagrada Familia Basilica, which charges $18.  The rest of the budget can go to your meals and at least one night out on the town.  An average meal costs around $10 and a typical night out will cost the same thing.

  1. Madrid

The capital of Spain is rich in history, and houses many artistic and architectural gems.  It is also one of the must-see cities, and no trip to Spain is complete without it. A dorm hostel in Madrid costs $15 a night, and a two-night stay is sufficient to experience the city.  It is important to eat small, frequent meals during the course of the day, because dinner is served late at 9:00 pm, and it is the only time where major portions are served. A small breakfast with coffee averages $5 a meal, while 1 tapa costs around $3 to $5.  The bus and the metro costs from $2 to $3.50 a ride. There is a free walking tour of the city, but you need to tip the guide, which can range from $15 to $25.  If you want to see a major attraction, choose the Royal Palace of Madrid, with an entrance admission of $ 11.

  1. Santiago de Compostela

This is one of North Spain’s best cities, and millions come to the city as a final destination on the St. James pilgrimage, where the apostle’s remains reportedly lie in the city’s Basilica.  A dorm hostel in the city ranges from $15 to $30.  The magnificent Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela and all the other museums have free admission. An average meal ranges from $7 to $12, and the bus pass that will take you to the city costs around $8.  This is good enough for 10 rides. Since the attractions are free of charge, you can splurge a little and have a night out on the town, which would cost around $20.

  1. Seville

Seville is a great city to visit in Southern Spain, but the dorm hostel rates are higher here.  Consider staying for only two nights, with an average of $20 per room.  Meals average $10, and you shouldn’t miss the attractions which charge an average of $8 to $12.  If you have to choose two major attractions because of budget constraints, go to Cathedral and Giralda with $8 admission, and Museo del Baile Flamenco with a $10 admission fee.

  1. Valencia

The third largest Spanish city is a city of the future, with its planetarium and interactive science museum. A dorm hostel in Valencia costs an average of $18 per night.  Consider staying for two nights, with average meals of $12.  Don’t miss out on Valencia’s attractions. The City of Arts and Sciences has an admission fee of $8.