Becoming A Nomad Entrepreneur

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Many people work on the road now, which may have once seemed far fetched. However, if you can do your job from home, it’s pretty likely that you can do it on the road as well. You just need to discipline and creativity to make it work. You also need some startup cash, because you don’t want to go bankrupt before you even hit the road.

First look at what makes you want to work on the road. Does this desire benefit your business idea, or do you just prefer to be out there, on the road. Either choice is good, but if traveling can benefit your business then you definitely need to start strategizing a plan.

What Are You Going To Do On The Road

Start out with your business plan and determine what it is that you are going to do while you’re on the road, for work, of course. If your goal is to be some sort of blogger or journalist, then you definitely have some challenges, but a good working plan. Make sure you search out magazines and papers ahead of time to submit your photos and stories too. You can even hit up papers in the areas you stop in.

How You’ll Get Around

If you don’t want to be spending a lot of money on motel and hotel rooms on your travels, you may want to invest in an RV or motorhome of some type. Fees at a campground can be much easier to cover, and save all of your receipts and track your gas mileage, it might help when it comes to tax time.

Where Are You Going To Go

You could simply drive around the United States, or you could even travel to other countries. That’s all really up to you. It does help to have some sort of travel itinerary mapped out ahead of time though. This is your gig, so if you go off your original path, no one’s going to tell you to turn around, you can just reroute a new one.

Getting Your Work In

One of the pitfalls of working on the road is knowing how and when you’ll get worked turned in. Since you are working in a virtual world, you need to be able to connect to the internet. Probably the most convenient way for this is to turn your smartphone into a mobile hotspot. This way you can connect while you’re on the road (just don’t do it while driving)

If mobile hotspots are out of your league, maybe you’ll need to make pit stops every so often at restaurants and cafes that offer free WiFi to patrons. You may need to schedule your submissions around WiFi availability, but it’s better than nothing.