An Adventure Awaits You In Cabo San Lucas: The Marlin Capital Of The World

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If you want to put up the “Gone Fishing” sign and head to somewhere truly special, check out what Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

There is a good reason why the Mexican destination of Cabo San Lucas has earned its reputation as the Marlin Capital of the World. The enjoyment and the challenge of going head to head with one of the feistiest fighters of the deep that you are likely to encounter, remains the same for every new visitor, thanks to the area’s strict catch and release policy, so bring your camera to prove your prowess.

That’s where you’d like to be right now, right? Well, before you cast off, here are a few things that you need to consider first.


Like real estate, fishing is mostly about location. Pick a charter that’s close to where you’ll be staying. You don’t want to have to travel across the city when there are boats at a marina down the road from you. Of course, if fishing is better across the city, by all means make the trip.

Just consider this: even if you do get a better rate at the charter across town, you need to keep in mind that boats leave very early in the morning. And, traveling more than a few miles before the sun comes up is tough for most people, even so-called “morning people.”

How Large A Party Do You Want To Fish With?

Are you a lone fisherman or do you like to fish with a group of people? Are you on a day pass and trying to get away from family for a bit? The number of people in your fishing party is a major factor when picking a charter boat. It determines things like whether you get a private charter for a large group or a shared charter on your own.

A small charter boat can hold 6 people (called a “six pack”), but larger boats can easily hold 60 people.

Of course, the larger boats are more affordable than a private charter, but they’re also more crowded.

What Type Of Fishing Will You Do?

There are several different types of fishing you can do, like offshore fishing or night fishing, or an inshore trip. The kind of fishing you do will play a huge part in the charter you take. If what you wanted to fish was bonefish in the flats, you won’t want to be on a tuna boat. And, don’t forget about fishing accessories. Deep sea fishing usually requires stronger poles than shallow water fishing, as well as different bait and line.

How Long Do You Want To Be Out There?

Some people like to fish all day long. Other people want to just go out for a few hours. A full day is 8 hours, and an overnight charter means you will be sleeping overnight on the boat, so bring a change of clothes. The longer you spend on the boat, the better your chances of catching something.

Which Captain Do You Want To Fish With?

Spend a little time researching the charter and captain online. Read reviews on popular social media sites, like TripAdvisor and Yelp. These sites will give you a good idea of what to expect. Someone might come across like a great captain, and the charter might seem like a good deal, but maybe there were a lot of bad reviews for the trip. Wouldn’t you want to know that before you spend your hard-earned money?

What Kind Of Boat?

Finally, the kind of boat you end up on depends on the type of trip you take. You can’t be on an overnight trip if you’re fishing on a center console boat. Likewise, a sport fisher won’t allow you to navigate the flats if all you want is simple fishing. And, some boats can only go so far offshore, so if you want deep sea fishing, you have to check out the boat’s limitations before you book a charter.

Now you know what’s involved start planning your trip to a great destination like Cabo San Lucas, and see if you can rise to the challenge.

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