About Me

Hi! I’m Ben Carlson, the creator of this blog and full time traveller. I grew up in Grantham, just outside of Nottingham, England and spent most of my childhood playing football and watching television. The only holidays I went on were weekend trips to Butlins or Pontins every other year, so I didn’t really know much about the beauty of the world back then.


Unfortunately I didn’t make it as a professional footballer either, apparently you have to be good to get paid – who knew?! Anyway, the whole school thing played out and on to university I went. The plan back then was to do uni, get a high paying job, and have lots of money.

Moving out of home and to London was the start of a life changing experience for me. It wasn’t just the big city and living on my own, it was the people I met. I met people from all over the country, and all over the world, hearing about how different things could be and some of the amazing sights and experiences out in the big wide world.

Some of these people had taken gap years before uni and spent the whole year travelling, backpacking around different countries or working in holiday towns as they passed through. It sounded thrilling, one guy in my halls had been through 14 countries over the past year!

Through that first year I got myself around London with some of these new found friends, checking out all the different areas and sights. The vast museums ignited my interest in going abroad even more, and I decided that in the summer I’d finally get myself out of the country.

Over the next few years I travelled abroad every summer, scrimping and saving through the year to do so. Finally I graduated, got a job, and began working. All year long I’d work, still saving up for the holidays. Except now the holidays were limited to a few weeks through the whole year.

I pushed on for three years, getting a couple of tiny raises along the way, still only getting a small slice of time each year to do what I had begun to love. Was I supposed to keep this up for another 20 years in the hope I might get 5 or 6 weeks of holiday time by then? That sounded so depressing.

So I began researching full-time travellers and how they were able to do it. I also talked to as many of my old uni friends as I could, especially the ones who had experience travelling cheaply for long time periods. The next six months I researched, planned, and began to sell off all my unneeded stuff.

With a small starting fund and a plan, I quit my job and packed my stuff. It was time to do this for real.

I planned to take an extended vacation and see if I could stretch it out for a year. It was a little over 2 years before I stepped foot on UK soil again.

I’ve been travelling full time every since, enjoying what brings me true happiness; the beauty of the open world. The variety of sights out there is amazing, and to witness some of natures incredible creations is a true thrill.

Along the way I’ve learned a lot more about travelling on the cheap, things that you only get with years of experience doing it. I’ve found some amazing hidden gems to visit, and have experienced the best and worst in places to stay, places to go, and things to do and see.

I began writing this blog in an attempt to pass this knowledge on for the good of anybody else that shares my dream. If you love travelling and want to do it more, I’m here to give you the low down on how to make your dreams a reality.