3 Dream Careers For People Who Love to Travel

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It’s not very often you find yourself meeting a person who doesn’t like to travel. A person might not enjoy some of the things associated with traveling like sitting in cramped quarters on an airplane for hours at a time, or eating airport food that is overpriced and subpar, but when you start talking about the stunning sights and mouth watering food that traveling affords people, most are quick to jump on the train and rave about how much they desire to get out and see the world.

There are few who actually take the steps that allow them to do just this. Life gets in the way. It’s understandable. You start a career and suddenly 20 years has passed by and you’ve yet to make it to even a few of the destinations on your traveling bucket list. For the person who doesn’t wish for this to be their life and wants to spend as much of their days on earth seeing it, it helps to have a career that contributes to this goal instead of distracting from it. If you love to travel, here are 3 dream careers you should look into:

A Cruise Ship Art Auctioneer

The title by itself sounds pretty glamorous. Not many people get the opportunity to work this job, but you could be one of the few. If you love to travel, you appreciate art and are interested in becoming an expert on things pertaining to the subject, Park West Gallery would like you to be part of their growing team.

Enjoy the lifestyle of being on a cruise while making money, and check destinations off of your traveling bucket list every day. If you’re a naturally personable individual and you love to talk and meet new people, this job is perfect for you. If you love art and want to be part of something bigger than yourself, this is also a great option.

A Nanny For Hire

It’s just a fact of life that many people who are wealthy enough to afford traveling to and from the ends of the earth are often busy. Wealthy, busy people are still normal people who have families, but this just means that they look for people like you to watch their children when they’re not able to be around.

Start yourself your own little business and market yourself as a nanny for hire. As long as the family includes you in on their world traveling plans, you’ll watch the kids every second of every day if need be. If you’re watching some strangers children on some Caribbean beach, cool. You’re on the beach, and you’re making money seeing the world.

A Photographer/Journalist

Thanks to modern technology, money isn’t limited to being made in an office. You can do anything that you want and as long as you’re creative and you tap into a niche market that people want to be in on, you’ll be able to make money. If you have a passion for travel, make it your life. Be like the Humans of New York person and get out there and photograph things you see around the world and write about it. As long as you figure out some way to monetize it, you can have your dream career.