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Sampling York’s Nightlife Scene

When they said York was a fun destination for the entire family to enjoy, whether together or individually, they really meant it! When the sun goes down and the big kids come out to play, they have a lot of fun in the dark to take their pick from with an assortment of some of the most happening nightclubs, live music spots, comedy clubs and bars to indulge in.


If you haven’t heard of Kuda then you really aren’t a nightclub sort of person, are you? This is the biggest of York’s nightclubs, with the premises covering three floors of the Clifford Street old York Institute building. Even if you think you’re not a nightclub sort of person, there is something here to enjoy for everyone as all tastes in music are catered to. So whether you want to strut your stuff on the dance floor to some House Music, Club and Dance or if you want to enjoy a little more of chilled-out vibe while you kick it to some R&B tunes, Kuda is the place to be. Hey, I’m forgetting the Hip-Hop lovers, which I really shouldn’t be… You can also book the venue for a stag or hen do, or for any serious private partying complete with a VIP booth if required.


If you’re up for some up-and-coming as well as well-established comics to leave you in stitches, York’s fine selection of comedy clubs won’t disappoint. The Monkbar Hotel plays host to the Sitting Room Comedy Club, while The Basement houses the Wozzon Comedy Club. The Duke of York (King’s Square) hosts a free monthly gig (The Duke’s Comedy Night), while The Black Swan makes for the venue for the Burning Duck Comedy Club.

Two of York’s largest venues in the Grand Opera House and the Barbican host equally big names sometimes in the likes of Dara O’Brian and Jimmy Carr, to name but just two, so go out and get your laughs.

Live Music

Some of the big bands which roll into town and local ones entertain fans at the Barbican, while Fibbers makes for the scene of some of the gigs which go out live more regularly, including local acts and touring bands. The live music vibe in York is more intimate and personal with smaller capacity venues such as the 1900-seater Barbican, while the Fulford Arms, the Crescent and the Spread Eagle make for the scene for niche acts carving out a market for themselves as well as some of the more established local bands.


I sort of left this for last to sort of simulate how the typical sequence of enjoying a night out-and-about follows, so after painting the town red from club hopping, enjoying some live music or recovering from a comedy event, you can take your pick from the many bars littered all across York for your nightcap. The likes of Kennedy’s, Bobo Lobo, Sotano, 1331 and The Biltmore come to mind as just a tiny sample of what’s on offer, otherwise, you really don’t have to walk too far to find the next bar.

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