Getting the Travel & Tourism Industry to Pay You Back

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For the most part, the eager traveller’s relationship with the travel and tourism industry is a cash-negative one in that it generally has you spending a lot more money than what you get back, if you do indeed get anything back at all. If you’re going to be travelling frequently however then you might as well hatch a plan to try and get back as much as you can from the travel industry and there are quite a few ways through which you can try and do so.

Start a travel blog / vlog

It perhaps won’t make you any money right away, but starting a travel blog is a great way through which to lay a solid foundation which can later on go on to pay you back many times over for your travels. This is a proactive channel to pursue in seeking to have the travel and tourism industry paying you back and basically it pretty much just entails monetising some content you share about your travels – content which other potential and existing travellers will undoubtedly be very interested in.

Become an affiliate

You don’t have to have a travel blog in order to become an affiliate of the travel and tourism industry, but having one is perhaps the best way to expand on that constructed base I was talking about. It works in a very simple way – you refer clients to the travel and booking agencies you use yourself and you get a cut of the profits they make as affiliate commissions.

Sign up to loyalty and rewards programmes

Pretty much every airline these days has a loyalty and rewards programme, so too many of the budget online booking and hotel search platforms. Use the same platforms and channels repeatedly and the loyalty and rewards points you accumulate can soon have you cashing out some cold, hard currency or you might get some great value back in the form of free flights, accommodation, etc, or you might be able to get mega savings on these and other expenses associated with travelling.

Claim compensation

Flight delay compensation lawyers can help you get compensated quite handsomely for any flight delays you may have suffered, to the tune of up to just over £500 if you’ve been delayed for three hours or more on one or more of your flights. We all know that if you travel long enough you’re bound to get hit by some or other flight delay eventually, so it’s perhaps only a matter of time until you can claim compensation in this manner.

For a very long time whatever little you get back from your perusal of all these channels listed above you might just find yourself with a little spare change in your pocket to prolong your travels or to use in other areas of your life, but there are some people who have dedicated their entire lives to doing these professionally. The most successful of these people even get to a stage where their travels are virtually free and there is absolutely no reason you couldn’t follow in their footsteps.