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A beginner’s guide to skiing

As a skiing novice, my first attempt at skiing was a bit of a jump in at the deep end. I went on a ski trip with a group of friends who were all already seasoned skiers. Rather than be stuck on my own (and spend more money) with some kids having some lessons, I just went for it to try and have as good a time with the gang as I could. Although, in retrospect, after a lot of scrapes and bumps, I’d advise you to have the lessons at least to begin with, here’s my survivor’s guide to skiing 101 for those of you brave enough to slide out alone. Continue reading A beginner’s guide to skiing

Getting the Travel & Tourism Industry to Pay You Back

For the most part, the eager traveller’s relationship with the travel and tourism industry is a cash-negative one in that it generally has you spending a lot more money than what you get back, if you do indeed get anything back at all. If you’re going to be travelling frequently however then you might as well hatch a plan to try and get back as much as you can from the travel industry and there are quite a few ways through which you can try and do so. Continue reading Getting the Travel & Tourism Industry to Pay You Back

Escape this autumn… for less than £200

Escape this autumn... for less than £200

Ryanair has predicted the “mother and father of all fare wars” this winter, as airlines pay less for fuel, but research for The Sunday Times by the flight-comparison websites Skyscanner and Kayak shows that prices have already fallen, with short-haul fares down by as much as 11% against this time last year.

Continue reading Escape this autumn… for less than £200