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Wrap Your Head Around Financial Risk Management Before Traveling

For the smart traveler, finances are going to be in the central core of the decision making process regarding who, what, when, where, how, and why. Yes, the full gamut, and each of those pieces is going to discreetly interact with money and the risks of spending. Continue reading Wrap Your Head Around Financial Risk Management Before Traveling

Balancing The Risks On Your Next Adventure

Adventure by definition is an exciting or very unusual experience. We as humans, tend to look at the positive side of that word adventure. Maybe it is our sense of self-preservation that keeps our sense of adventure in line and on the safer side of things. By its very nature, though, the adventure has to entail some risk, or where would the excitement exist. The risk component has to involve a psychological or physical exposure to some danger, or there is no risk.  Psychological risk involves emotional, social, moral or functional risk. In an adventure situation, the perceived threat provides the adventure. Physical risk can include two primary stages, known physical risk, and unknown physical risk. Continue reading Balancing The Risks On Your Next Adventure

5 Reasons to learn a foreign language when you travel

Being a language lover myself, I find almost any excuse good enough for starting to learn even a few phrases in a new, foreign language. Whether it’s communicating with friends and family or understanding art and music – the list can go on. Nevertheless, the unequivocally best reason for me to start learning new languages are my travels. Being able to speak a foreign language in a country you’re visiting can bring a number of exciting situations and great benefits. Visiting a place you have never seen before can be extremely captivating, and what better way of immersing yourself fully than with a language skill in-hand? Continue reading 5 Reasons to learn a foreign language when you travel

How to Travel in Style in 2017

With a New Year just days away, there are plenty of exciting travelling opportunities over the next 12 months. The ideal trip is, of course, one which blends a sense of adventure, relaxation, sightseeing, and great value for money. So how do you ensure you get a big mixture of all that lot? It’s more than possible, you just need to use every trick in the book available to you. Continue reading How to Travel in Style in 2017

And Then, It Was Time to Lead My First Tour…

Today is the day. Today I’m flying to Paris — but this time, it’s not to lounge by the Seine while drinking wine (O.K., there will be some of that), this time it’s to lead my first tour for ten readers and make them even more passionate for travel.

Back in May, I announced that I was leading a tour through Europe and the response was overwhelming. Now, after months of planning, I’m leaving to meet the ten participants on Sunday before we enjoy a two-week journey through Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, andStockholm.

I can’t believe how quickly this has come. It seems like yesterday I was telling a friend “I’m going to organize a tour to Europe. Maybe a few people will come.”

Well, now D-Day is here and it’s time to go.

I’m used to playing tour guide for my friends, but now I am doing it for ten people I’ve never met. So many thoughts are racing through my head, the biggest one being “I hope I don’t fuck this up.”

But all joking aside, I am really excited about this. A few of the people joining me have never been to Europe before and I can’t wait to show them my Europe. I’ll be taking them to my favorite attractions (both on and off the beaten path), restaurants, bars, and everything in-between.

I’ll also be highlighting some of my favorite travel companies (including Rail Europe and Context Travel) and hostels (St. Christopher’s, Generator, and City Backpackers) so that’s also exciting, as I love spreading the word of good travel companies.

This is going to be incredibly fun.

I’ve spent the last few weeks reading up in even more detail about each destination, planning my walking tours, making reservations for restaurants, and much more.

Even after all of the trips I’ve taken and helped with, I never realized so much work could go into planning a group tour. There’s a lot of t’s to cross and i’s to dot.

So, as I board my flight to Paris, I’m double and triple checking I have all the itinerary copies, rail passes, train reservations, and booking numbers. I’m — in part — a nervous wreck.

But I know this is going to be a good time because the people who read this site are amazing, and for two weeks I get to talk about what I love: travel.

I’ll be updating as we go and will most likely have a long post after the fact on what I learned being a tour guide. You can follow along with all our antics on Instagram, Facebook, andTwitter.

So let the good times, wine, and food flow!

See you in Europe!