How to properly store your tyres

If you use more than one set of tyres regularly (winter tyres or all-season tyres and more) then you may not have given much thought to how and where you are storing the set of tyres you are not currently using. If you’ve been storing tyres outside or just keeping them in the trunk of your car or storing them in a damp garage then this post is for you. We have come up with a few tips that’ll help your tyres last longer and in turn help you save some cash. Continue reading How to properly store your tyres

When It’s More Than Just a Hobby

We may not all actively pursue them, but we do indeed all have a calling to at least dedicate some of our time to doing something which really puts us at ease, relaxes us or just makes us feel like everything else in life is okay. That’s what you should be pursuing as your hobby – something you have a strong desire to engage in just for the fun of it and something which you’d inevitably be willing to spend some money on. Continue reading When It’s More Than Just a Hobby

Down Under

I had been planning a trip Down Under for some months and like any big trip, funding was the major issue. The money I pick up from my travel blogs was nowhere near enough so I had to do a couple of months of night shifts stuffing shelves at Lidl and Aldi stores. Nightfill! Good money, bad lifestyle! Continue reading Down Under