5 Reasons to learn a foreign language when you travel

Being a language lover myself, I find almost any excuse good enough for starting to learn even a few phrases in a new, foreign language. Whether it’s communicating with friends and family or understanding art and music – the list can go on. Nevertheless, the unequivocally best reason for me to start learning new languages are my travels. Being able to speak a foreign language in a country you’re visiting can bring a number of exciting situations and great benefits. Visiting a place you have never seen before can be extremely captivating, and what better way of immersing yourself fully than with a language skill in-hand? Continue reading 5 Reasons to learn a foreign language when you travel

How to Travel With A Baby in 2016

Travel has the ability to be super fun when you’re going on a trip with your girlfriends, your family, a spouse, a loved one, and a host of other people. As soon as you add a baby into mix, things can have the tendency to get a little stressful. Even if you’re a veteran at traveling with infants, you still never know how your kid is going to react to the elements this time around. A crabby baby not only makes your life horrible when you’re on the road or in the air, it makes everybody who is around loathe you all that much more.

Continue reading How to Travel With A Baby in 2016


Not any Old Bag

In all the years that people have been travelling suitcases have stayed pretty much the same. Okay not really, they have developed wheels and extendable handles and they are rightly made of tougher material than we had many years ago. The concept of travel and the ability to travel now sees millions and millions of people taking a trip somewhere at any time. If you stand at the luggage carousel at an airport, you don’t see a lot of innovative suitcases doing the circuit. Most people, including me, think that the suitcase is simply to hold all your clothes, a few necessary items you will need on the trip, and be reasonably secure. Continue reading Not any Old Bag